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Dog Training Services


We provide Dog Training

in a family environment that includes outing to schools, parks, and other real life places. This ensures your pet will be prepared to listen in distracting situations.

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Doggy Camp


1 Week Boot Camp

Your dog will learn on leash come, wait, leave it, leash manners, down and sit. These behaviors will be implemented in a home environment and out and about with distractions. Proper house manners are also taught including house breaking issues. One private lesson is included.

2 Weeks Boot Camp

Your dog will learn all of the above plus stand, door and gate boundaries, and settle.

The second week we'll begin to proof house manners and establish deeper foundation. Two private lessons are included.

3 Weeks Boot Camp

All of the above plus the command take it. Off leash and distance command are introduced.

Greater distraction are introduced. House manners are expected and the dog will have a solid on leash foundation. 3 privates lessons are included.




Doggy Camp

Private in clients home training


Affordable boarding/training for your dog while you are on vacation.


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